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QuickBooks® Integration

Prefer not to waste time re-entering your order information in QuickBooks? With Americart you don’t have to! You have a number of options with Americart.

Stone Edge Technologies

If you ship more than 10 orders per day, you should invest in Order Manager, from Stone Edge Technologies. In addition to order processing, fulfillment, customer management, sophisticated reporting and many other features too numerous to mention, Order Manager integrates with QuickBooks. Visit StoneEdge to learn more about Order Manager.


Atandra's T-HUB integrates QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Point of Sale) and the Americart Online Shopping Cart. With T-HUB, merchants can manage orders from a single screen. The software automates Americart order fulfillment, integrating both shipping (UPS, FedEx and USPS) and credit card processing. Atandra's product also enables store owners to enter phone and mail orders. Learn more about the product at


XTROVERT extends the power of QuickBooks by allowing it to connect to any external data source. Download orders from your web site, trade EDI data, export data from QuickBooks to your fulfillment house or rep groups. XTROVERT allows you to map incoming and outgoing data to whatever custom fields you have added to your QuickBooks installation. XTROVERT is primarily used by wholesalers and manufacturers wishing to speed up their data entry process and connect better with their sales force and customers.

Get more information on XTROVERT, at

You can download your Americart version of XTROVERT here:


The SuperManager seamless integration between Americart and QuickBooks. SuperManager's export to QuickBooks is very comprehensive and versatile:

  • Export your Americart orders as QuickBooks sales receipts, invoices or sales orders
  • Optionally export customer information, including credit card information for use with QB Merchant Services
  • Export each order as an individual transaction or lump a group of orders into a single transaction
  • Export your Americart items automatically as needed or integrate with an existing QuickBooks item list
  • And much more...

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