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Order Management Solutions

Order Management

As an online merchant, you work to generate as many orders as possible. But if you start receiving hundreds or even thousands of orders and don't have a good order management system to fulfill those orders, this success can quickly sink your business. Scores of Internet store owners have worked to create a huge flow of online purchases, only to have a tsunami of orders drown the company in unfulfilled orders and unhappy customers. Order Managment software can help you avoid this crisis.

Stone Edge Technologies

Stone Edge is the leading Order Management system for small to medium size web merchants. Stone Edge provides a complete back office management system for your Americart store. The affordable and flexible software lets you spend more time managing your business by automatically downloading orders as well as printing invoices, packing slips and labels.

If you ship 10 or more orders per day, the Stone Edge Order Manager will pay for itself in saved time and trouble in just a few weeks.  If you ship more than 50 orders per day, the Order Manager will be one of the best investments you ever make, saving you thousands of dollars per year by reducing labor costs, streamlining your customer service and reducing or eliminating data errors, packing mistakes, etc.

Take your Americart to the next level with Stone Edge Order Manager.

Atandra Systems

Atandra's T-HUB now provides order management capabilities for Americart merchants. With T-HUB, merchants can manage orders from a single screen. The software automates Americart order fulfillment, integrating both shipping (UPS, FedEx and USPS) and credit card processing. By allowing store owners to enter phone and mail orders, T-HUB brings both sides of the enterprise – online and non-Internet – under the control of a single management tool. T-HUB also integrates QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Point of Sale) and the Americart Online Shopping Cart. Learn more about the product at


XTROVERT is a multi-faceted connectivity application that connects your accounting package to external streams of data.

  • XTROVERT works with most major accounting packages.
  • Through XTROVERT's open architecture, you can connect to practically any external data source or web service through custom "plugins".
  • With XTROVERT, you can easily exchange data with an external fulfillment house. Download orders from their web site, review the orders, and then export the orders to a 3PL (third party fulfillment company). Because of its open architecture, XTROVERT is able to accommodate the requirements of any fulfillment house.
  • XTROVERT's powerful reconciliation capabilities allow you to compare incoming data with the existing data in your accounting system - an important capability if your accounting system does not accept "free form" data in all fields.
  • XTROVERT is also useful to wholesalers and manufacturers, who use XTROVERT to download orders from their Americart shopping cart, trade EDI documents, import rep orders from SFA software packages, and upload their product catalogs to various web libraries.

Get more information on XTROVERT, at

You can download your Americart version of XTROVERT here:


Millionaire is the leading windows based order processing software for small-to-medium size businesses published by Grytek. Grytek's Millionaire makes it easy to take orders on the phone, fax, internet, mail and process them from start to finish.

Track your sales data, customers, manage your inventory, automated reordering, and much more. With Millionaire you can manage both your retail and wholesale customers in one great software package. Automatically download your orders from shopping carts like Americart.

Have you had a hard time managing images for your web store? Grytek's Millionaire will easily attach your images to your products and create different sizes for each of your web stores and will also watermark your images with your website name. All with a few clicks of the mouse. There are many features that are just that easy. Check online at for a full feature list.


The SuperManager offers seamless integration with Americart. Check out the many ways The SuperManager rescues you from the time consuming tasks of processing your orders:

  • Download — Download all of your orders in one click.
  • Manage — Automatically verify addresses against USPS databases, Send dropship requests to suppliers, Check orders against inventory and highlight backorders, Highlight orders that fail your fraud screening criteria, Capture authorized transactions in batch through, Send emails in batch to customers using customizable templates, Create and process offline orders along with online orders
  • Print — Print customizable receipts, packing slips, pick lists and other reports, Print shipping labels for USPS, UPS or FedEx
  • Export — Export orders or merchant batches to QuickBooks or QuickBooks POS, Export order information for data mining or integration with other software

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