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Cart Widgets

Shopping cart widgets are snippets of code that you can use on your web site to show specific information from our systems. These items are new and we will be working to add more all of the time. If you have any suggestions, please click here to let us know.

Cart Contents

Also see our FAQs for Basic Cart Setup

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Cart Contents Widget

The Cart Contents Widget is a way to show your customers how many items they have in their shopping cart and the subtotal for those items as well. There are two basic layout designs for this item which should accomodate most integrations.


With in your web site source code, locate where you would like the widget to appear. Then copy & paste the following code there:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" 

You will need to replace [CART-ID] with your cart-id and [DISPLAY] with one of the layout options below.

Layout Options:

basic - Basic will show a one line text representation of the cart contents. This layout is best used within the header of your website.

block - This will show a block layout which was designed for use in a side column.

These layouts are not styled and are left to inherit the text styles of your website. However, they were developed to be easily customized using stylesheets. Listed below are the relavent styles associated with these layouts which you can add to your existing css files and customize how you would like.

                            		#acCart_basic_container {
                            			/* your styles here */

                            		#acCart_basic_container a {
                            			/* your styles here */
                            		#acCart_block_container {
                            			/* your styles here */

                            		#acCart_block_title {
                            			/* your styles here */

                            		#acCart_block_content {
                            			/* your styles here */
                            		#acCart_block_content a {
                            			/* your styles here */

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