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Simple, Effective User Interface
  • Simple for your customers to use, making your site easy to shop.
  • Eliminates customer confusion with its clean, intuitive interface.
  • A total of quantities and prices is kept at all times.
  • Displays a Summary of the Shopping Cart contents when an item is added to the cart.
  • A "clear shopping cart" button for starting over.
  • Support for upselling or impulse buying, suggesting a related product to complement the item to be purchased. (See the FAQ: Special tags and Modifiers)
  • Place one or one hundred items in the cart with a single button.
  • Issues unique order numbers to you and the shopper to match them up with their order for inquiries.
  • Allows customers to change the quantity of items in their cart, or remove them altogether.
  • Always provides a link back to the last html page where the customer was shopping.
  • The cart display features a "view" button which shoppers can click to easily see an image of what they've placed in the cart.
  • Varied and attractive color schemes to match your site and your logo shown on the cart display.