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Merchant Account and Internet Payment Gateway Solutions

The ability to accept payment online is an important part of all e-commerce. Credit card processing requires two separate services.

A merchant account allows your business to accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payment by setting up an account between you and an acquiring bank. This account includes the processing of transactions and the deposit of funds to your merchant bank account.

An Internet payment gateway authorizes secure, real time processing of credit card transactions online. It encrypts your customer’s sensitive data via a secure sockets layer (SSL) and acts as an intermediary between your business and your bank.

You can keep your current accounts/providors or choose a combined merchant account and gateway package from us. Rates, contract terms and fees can vary based upon your type of business and your individual credit history. For unbiased not-for-profit helpful guides check out the Merchant Council.

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Accept credit card payments anytime, anywhere with AmeriCommerce Merchant Solution. Whether you have an ecommerce website or an offline business, take advantage of lower rates and less hassle by joining with AmeriCommerce's low-cost, all-in-one merchant account and payment gateway.

See what AmeriCommerce can do for you

  • No application, annual or setup fees
  • All Internet accounts include payment gateway and virtual terminal
  • Full integration with your store and a single point of contact
  • No monthly minimum
  • Simple, straightforward pricing
  • Toll free support

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get set up?
It is a very fast and easy setup process. In fact, many merchants are up and running the same day. Simply fill out the online form, sign the appropriate documents, and return via fax or email along with a voided check. It's that easy.

What credit cards can I take with an AmeriCommerce Merchant Account?
You will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Diners Club.

Can you deposit directly into my checking account?
Yes, all funds are directly deposited into your checking account within 48 hours from batch settlement.

How hard is it to integrate the payment gateway with my AmeriCommerce shopping cart software?
The payment gateway and your AmeriCommerce shopping cart software are seamlessly integrated, and our merchant account support team is here to guide you through this very easy process that usually takes less than 1 minute.

Does your payment gateway come with fraud tools?
Yes, your payment gateway will come with state of the art fraud protection tools designed to help you manage and protect your business. Some of the fraud tools are: Country blocker, IP address blocker, Address verification, duplicate detection, and many more.

Does your payment gateway come with a virtual terminal?
Yes, your payment gateway will come with a virtual terminal at NO extra cost.

What is a virtual terminal?
A virtual terminal allows you to process and manage all aspects of your credit card transactions from your computer via the internet, including mail, phone, and fax orders.

Experience the difference of an all-in-one merchant account and gateway solution. A merchant account provides your customers with a streamlined checkout process without any third-party intervention. Using a merchant account also gives your store a more professional, established and credible appearance, which is essential in boosting your converstion rate and overall revenue.

Here's how we stack up so you can make the decision that's right for you

Americommerce Payment Solutions Other Processors
Monthly Fee $14.95/mo $30.00/mo $20 - $50/mo
Annual Fee $0 $0 $45 - $75
Application Fee $0 $0 $50 - $250
Transaction Fee 1.98% 2.9% - 3.5% 2.39%
Per Transaction $0.28 $0.30 $0.40
Monthly Minimum $0 $0 $25
Payment Gateway Included Included $20/mo

Additional Rates and Terms may or may not apply

Here are a few examples of the savings you will see with us.

Monthly Sales Americommerce Payment Solutions Other Processors
$2,800 $78.23 $119.60 (+$41.37) $128.12 (+$49.89)
$9,800 $236.43 $304 (+$67.57) $323.42 (+$86.99)
$90,000 $2048.95 $2280 (+$231.05) $2561 (+$512.05)

More Details on these figures
* PayPal's rates vary based on your monthly revenue. The fee per transaction for montly revenue of up to $3,000 is 2.9%. With AmeriCommerce Merchant Services you pay only 1.98%, resulting in higher savings for merchants.
The PayPal rates quoted are based on rates for PayPal Website Payments Pro. These prices were obtained from and considered to be accurate as of June 2011.


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