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Quick-Start Guide

Establishing your web presence

Selling your products

Transaction processing

Order management

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Establishing your web presence

Q1: I don't have a domain name. Where can I get one?

A1: Go Daddy is one of the more popular domain registrars, and offers reasonable prices.


Q2: Does my Americart subscription provide web hosting?

A2: We don't offer web hosting, so you will have to purchase this service from another party. We can recommend Go Daddy's hosting service, and also partner with a number of companies that provide hosting.


Q3: I have no experience building web pages. Can Americart design my website?

A3: We do not provide this service ourselves, but you may want to consult our web design partners. They're all familiar with our system, and would be able to assist.

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Selling your products

Q4: How do I add new products to my store?

A4: Product offerings and attributes (prices, item descriptions, etc.) are determined entirely on your end, so any changes will occur strictly on your website. For instance, if you no longer want to sell an item, you only need to remove your site's references to that particular product.

Please review our setup guide for a general walkthrough on how to modify your product lines.

We also offer a code generator, which will create add-to-cart buttons that can be copied and pasted directly onto your website.


Q5: My company sells thousands of different products. Will we have to write HTML code for thousands of add-to-cart buttons?

A5: Check out our product database upload tool.

If you have a database or spreadsheet of your products, this tool will generate Americart-ready product pages for your website, complete with add-to-cart buttons. It can also be used to develop a product search engine for your site.

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Transaction processing

Q6: I received an order, but the funds weren't deposited into my bank account. How do I transfer them?

A6: Our system supports direct deposit through using a Merchant Account or other transaction system like PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.

If you're looking to accept credit card payments, there are two primary ways of processing card charges with our service: with your own card transaction equipment, or through a payment gateway.

Payment gateways will process your charges in real-time, and provide other benefits such as customer address verification. We do not have any surcharges for gateway integration, although the third-party providing the gateway service will typically charge membership and/or transaction fees, unless you use our merchant services.

If you'd like to set up a merchant account and/or payment gateway service (via Authorize.Net or AmeriCommerce Merchant Services), please check out our low cost merchant account and gateway combination here. We offer the cheapest combo pack in our industry.

We also recommend using the PayPal Website Payments Standard to your customers. Please note that to provide this option, you must have a PayPal Business Account, the other PayPal services are supported as well.

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Order management

Q7: How will I know that I've received an order?

A7: When a customer completes an order, our system will send you a confirmation email, containing a summary of the purchase. For security reasons, sensitive information such as credit card data is omitted from this email.

Full order details can be retrieved securely on our website, through your merchant control panel.


Q8: An order appeared in my merchant control panel, but I never received a confirmation email. What happened?

A8: You should check your spam folder or trash folder. Missing order emails are nearly always the result of trouble on the receiving end. Either the ISP/webhost blocks them, or your email program does.

If you're still unable to locate these emails, please send a message to Americart technical support, listing the missing order numbers. We will check our mail server logs, to look for possible causes of this issue.


Q9: In addition to my control panel's order log, what other reports can I generate?

Q9: We offer a CSV export of your order data. This can be imported into a variety of applications, such as Excel and Access.

We integrate with Stone Edge's Order Manager, a powerful order management suite. Our system supports a number of other order management utilities, as well.

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