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Shipping, Handling and Taxes
  • Allows customers to choose their shipping method from what you offer them, and calculates the cost for that method.
  • Tracks shipping and handling costs with a variety of calculation methods including on the fly UPS charges by zone and weight! Our UPS shipping calculator will also handle orders which must ship in multiple boxes!
  • Calculates sales tax for application to "home state" customer orders. Multiple home states and variable tax rate handled also.
  • Handles "intangible" items such as services so they do not inadvertently incur a shipping charge if ordered by themselves.
  • Allows a mix of tax exempt and non-tax exempt items, tracking taxes accurately.
  • Allows a mix of shipping exempt and non-shipping exempt items, tracking fees accurately.
  • Programmable threshold below which you can charge a small order fee, reminding customers to increase their order amount.