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Feature Overview

Americart is one of the most robust and well-tested shopping carts on the Web. Since 1996, Americart has provided reliable and economical shopping cart services to tens of thousands of online merchants.

What makes Americart so popular?

  • Easy setup and configurations
  • Robust security to protect your business and to provide your customers with peace of mind
  • With a clean and flexible user interface, the cart itself focuses your customers on buying your products and services.
  • Pricing and payment functionality that gives you complete control over the economics of your business
  • Comprehensive shipping, handling and taxes capability, so you can charge the exact amount necessary, no matter what your location or your product
  • Linkage to and support for many marketing and affiliate referral tools, such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, LinkShare, ClickBank, Commission Junction and many others
  • If you use a "bundled" cart provided by your  hosting company, it may not work if you move your site to another host. With Americart, you can move whenever you need to.